Erada Svetlana


Erada Svetlana

CEO and Founder of The Ones Group/Photographer

Elysian Park, Los Angeles, CA / Detroit, Michigan
Instagram @erada
Twitter @erada_svetlana


What do you do?

To be very honest, I get asked this question frequently and it’s usually accompanied with a look of bewilderment. I think the more appropriate question would be, ‘What do you not do?’ Haha.

First, and foremost, I'm the founder and CEO of my own company: The Ones Group. The company is currently going through a change but fundamentally it's focused on helping people evolve. There's a 5+ plus year plan I'm working out and I would say the hardest part of that is making sure I don't get ahead of myself. I have one eye on the future while the other focusing on the now and I'm constantly having to keep myself in check to slow down. Currently the projects I have pending are primarily production based. 

Secondly, I've been in marketing/advertising for 10 years so I do spend time consulting. Currently, I'm wrapping up a several month sprint at Fox Networks Group in their Advanced Ad Products division working out New Media Integrations for Dynamic Ad Insertion. That's a lot of new verbiage to sum up the tech side of entertainment advertising. It's tech heavy but my job is primarily focused on making sure things get organized and the transfer of information is smoother than it once was. 

Finally, I'm a photographer and have been for 15 years. 

Somewhere in the midst of all of that I write and play with social media.


What steps did you take to get where you are now?

Planting a lot of seeds, watering them, patiently waiting, and tending to them so that they grow. 

I've failed a lot, I've exhausted myself, and I've persisted. 

There's no single path or plan that'll guarantee anything in life but I find the best thing anyone can be/do is to be very curious, always kind, reach out to people, make sincere connections, follow through (this one is huge)/follow up, work hard, and, finally, be consistent. 


For other people in your field, what do they usually lack?


That may be my favourite word but truly, a lot of people lack that. I define grit as strength of character. When someone has grit I know it instantly. They're steadfast and their voice doesn't shake. You can tell that spirit in their eyes is alive and they have a good idea of what they want.

The other quality I would say is balance.  Balance is something people need to work on all the time it's not something you get once and it stays with you because life's demands always shift.

I've been unevenly committed to relationships, career, etc in my life before and I was never truly happy. You have to have a little bit of everything and it drives me nuts when people say, "oh I'm focusing on my career right now I can't be in a relationship." I've said that before and after being married to my jobs for many years it kept me from meeting new people, filling my heart up with love and fun with friends and lovers. 


What are you working on right now?

Go back to question No. 1.

The rest is top secret. If I told ya, I'd have to kill ya.


We are all Slashies with multiple skills, which one do you wish you could do more often?

Acting. I know how cliche that is but I love it. I used to act in a lot of plays from middle school all the way through highschool but it's taken so seriously in LA that it's not fun. I look at acting like being a kid and playing make believe but the way people treat the business of acting makes it very stale, boring, and predictable. And so, I don't pursue it.

What is frustrating you right now?

Politics. One must handle business relationships gingerly but say it how it is. Productivity really gets into a time suck when you're dealing with bureaucracy. People's egos make the world so small.

What task keeps landing at the bottom of the To Do list?

Finishing my business plan. I've done a draft but I need to add and expand it. I set a goal for myself to get through the second draft by the end of the month...there's money to be made, lives to be changed, and I'm the only one standing in the way right now.

If you could hire someone for $20/hour, what would you have them do to make your day easier?

Right now? Write out my business plan...I actually have someone working for me part time and that gives me an idea. Thanks, ILC!

Let's bring out the time machine. What do you wish you could have told yourself, when, and why?

You don't have to settle on being one thing. Also, don't let people push you around and take advantage of your kindness. Nobody's rough patch condones bad behavior, carelessness for your feelings, or bullying.

If you could talk to an expert to gain more insight on something, what would it be about?

If you know Richard Branson then hook it up! 

I'd want to shadow him for a year and be in the boardroom when he's making difficult decisions to see how he weighs things.

What kind of opportunities/projects are you looking for?

Anything that involves business development. I love introducing people. Actually the point of The Ones Group was to create collaborations between big brands and smaller artists. So if you have a one off project or out of ideas but have a problem you want to fix then I'm your girl. 

What is your ideal client?

Who doesn't want to work with the likes of Reebok/Nike/Adidas? I love sports brands because they represent our modern day olympians and champion for people to be at their very best.

Do you allow yourself to say No?

Of course. 

Deal breaker is a bad attitude and lack of ownership. If someone doesn't like rolling up their sleeves and getting a little dirty then keep it moving. We're not going to get along.

What is your rate? 

For photography it really depends on what I'm shooting. Base is $200 per hour but then you can to account for a lot of things that are not included in that: location, assistant, makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe, set designer, editor, etc. It does get pricey even in this digital world.

Consulting for business starts at $40 per hour.

Production depends on the scope of the project. My day rate is mighty but negotiable.

How should someone approach you about working together?

If you call me and leave a message I'm going to expect a follow up email that describes the broad strokes of the project so I can have idea of the project. Brevity and bullet points are your friends.
(323) 973-0988

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