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Building Brands People Love

About This Event

Making people care is hard. Making them care about your brand is even harder. Join us for a night of talks to learn, debate and craft the building blocks of creating a brand that people will fall in love with.

Lizzy Okoro, Editor of Bunch Magazine, will moderate a panel of brand experts to take us through their journey to building a fun, strong, loyal following to serve as the basis for their business.

Stay for cocktail or two following the panel.


About the Panelists

Jennifer Puno Co-Founder,

A creator, digital designer, and entrepreneur at heart, Jennifer Puno is the Co-Founder ofMap (Instagram @madewithmap)—an online platform that celebrates people and their journeys. Map allows you to save and view beautiful photos and stories of places from anywhere on the globe, to inspire real world adventuring. You can find and share incredible locations through its like-minded community of passionate explorers.

This past July, she also co-formed ilovecreatives, a digital classifieds website connecting talented individuals in the creative community. You can find her in Iceland making Star Trek gifs, out and about collaborating with other creatives, or in DTLA on the hunt for the city’s best food.

Lizzy Okoro Publisher & Editor in Chief ,
Bunch Magazine

Lizzy Okoro is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of BUNCH Magazine, a limited print magazine that serves as a Guide For The Daring Creative. Her stint as a New Yorker inspired Lizzy to share the story of the growing creative class and helped her to realize a lifelong dream of owning a magazine. Through the years of working on BUNCH, Lizzy has learn various lessons in entrepreneurship and brand building.

Alex Michael May Creative Director

An OG crafter (think googly eyes, popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners) and writer, Creative Director Alex Michael May moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to pursue copy writing for advertising and improv comedy. Through a series of random events, she found herself prop styling for brands such as Dell, Disney and Sony as well as creating digital content for popular lifestyle blogs and magazines, and designing events.

The culmination of all these seemingly unrelated gigs led to the creation of Beautilitarian,(insta: @beautilitarian) Alex's alter-ego and a collective for creating original digital content that fosters organic interest in brands and value for those who consume it.

She believes every brand has a story, and if it's told in the right, authentic way, people will not only want to hear it, but they will fall in love in the process.

Currently the Creative Director at Coordinates Collection (and it's newest acquisition, Le Bloc Jewelry) Alex is working on a brand revamp, and getting to the root of what makes people relate to brands and how to tap into that cult fan mentality.

When she's not at work or freelancing, Alex is the Experience Director for the Yellow Conference -- a community of women who wish to use their skills and passions to spread goodness in their community and world. Yellow is for the earth-shakers and the ground-movers, and holds and annual conference and mostly gatherings in the Los Angeles area.

About Our Partners

Bunch Magazine

BUNCH Magazine is a Guide For The Daring Creative. We highlight influencers across creative communities, telling the story of risk takers who have merged their passions with their profession. The aim is to cultivate a like-minded collective, a place where readers are inspired and motivated. BUNCH was founded in 2012, is independently published, and sold at bookstores, boutiques, and other magazine retailers internationally. We source contributors from around the globe to help tell our stories. We stay in touch online with weekly web stories to satiate the creative needs of our readers.


ILOVECREATIVES is a weekly digital classified newsletter dedicated to giving creatives access to opportunities, job listings, collaborations, events, and products. The site helps proactive creatives find collaborators outside of their immediate network to grow their business, speak to an engaged audience to attend their events, or find a new colleague to work side-by-side with. If you have an opportunity (event, products, services, job, etc.), buy an ad. ILOVECREATIVES send the ads out every Wednesday to an engaged audience of subscribers. If you want to be a subscriber and get on The Creatives page, sign up for free. It's that simple.

Maker City LA

Maker City LA, a workspace collective for creative businesses, makers, and entrepreneurs, is housed on the 11th floor of The Reef in downtown Los Angeles. We are dedicated to serving the needs of LA’s creative community by providing inspiring workspace, essential tools of the trade, classes, unique events, and a collaborative environment – all in one place.