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Instagram Freelancer: How to Hire or Get Hired ($45)

  • GA Los Angeles (DTLA) 1933 S. Broadway, 11th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90007 (map)

About This Workshop

The world of social media has grown rapidly and the demand for quality content and engaged communities is endless. Businesses are realizing it is a lot of work and are looking for help.

In the past few years, Instagram freelancers have become an actual job, but it’s still unclear what that means. We walk through what the role entails, how to hire (or be hired), and how to develop a strategy that will help a business. This class is recommended for anyone that is interested in becoming an Instagram freelancer or a business that is looking to hire.



  • Understand Content Creator vs. Community Builder
  • Discover how to find freelancers/jobs
  • Learn how to brand yourself as a freelancer
  • Determine key interview questions
  • Understand how much you should pay/charge
  • Learn how to create goals for your clients


About the Instructor

Jennifer Puno
Map and ilovecreatives

A creator, digital designer, and entrepreneur at heart, Jennifer Puno is the Co-Founder of (Instagram @madewithmap)—an online platform that celebrates people and their journeys. Map allows you to save and view beautiful photos and stories of places from anywhere on the globe, to inspire real world adventuring. You can find and share incredible locations through its like-minded community of passionate explorers.

This past July, she also co-formed ilovecreatives, a digital classifieds website connecting talented individuals in the creative community. You can find her in Iceland making Star Trek gifs, out and about collaborating with other creatives, or in DTLA on the hunt for the city’s best food.



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