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Making Handshakes Happen: PR

About the Event

As a creative entrepreneur it can seem pretty intimidating to reach out and inquire about working together with your favorite website or magazine. This is exactly what we will be doing with Making Handshakes Happen by bringing together digital and print independent press all in one big happy room.

This is the perfect intimate opportunity to meet and mingle amongst editors, creative directors and many other influential people. Elle will give a brief overview of the most beneficial ways to approach the press along with the importance of constructing a public relations/marketing strategy. See that wasn’t so hard, now was it!

RSVP for a fun and rewarding night filled with good snacks, good drinks, good people and an even better bonus of turning those handshakes into meaningful social connections.  

Panelists include: 


Meet Elle


Elle Horne is a creative consultant that works with strategic marketing, digital content editing, website design and community outreach.

Her background in entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, and brand public relations created the foundation for Elle to establish and expand her personal presence in the digital world. By discarding with outdated techniques she will help you to create customized plans to make your business or brand grow and become what you always envisioned and more.