ilovecreatives looking for Photographers



ilovecreatives looking for Photographers


We have an idea of what we want as designers: abstract, defying stereotypes, but also something you can see being used as a design asset. See the mood board on the right.

We need these photos now so it’s probably spec work. If you don’t have anything, but want to shoot for what we need, keep watching the newsletter for news on that.

These photos will be for sale and they need to be affordable. We’re trying to figure out what’s fair for you and the purchaser. If you’re interested, let us know your thoughts below.

Name *
or even Instagram account! We're looking at the photos, not where it's contained.
We're thinking $20 minimum per photo depending on resolution and licensing. What are your thoughts?
We're thinking 75% you, 25% us. Thoughts?
Some people have expressed they would rather get paid up-front for resale licensing. Is this something you're interested in?

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