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Andrea Beaulieu, Founder of Studio Linear

We cannot rave enough about how much we adore I Love Creatives. We took the Instagram course to start and we were blown away by what we learned and it was a lot of fun to take! We also frequently search through ads to find new help and have even posted an ad ourselves. We truly love what Puno has created with I Love Creatives and People Map, it makes our lives as creatives that much easier and enjoyable.

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Channing Morris

I only wish I had found this course sooner! Puno not only teaches you how to master Instagram but your brand and your business. It's not about how many followers you have but about building a community, getting that ROI and reaching your goals.

I love that she connects all of the great tips and tricks back to YOUR time because time is money. You are running a business and you only need to spend time on the things that reward your business. And the time you spend on this course will reward your business.

I seriously can't recommend this course enough.

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Bronze Avery, Pop Songwriter

PeopleMap transformed the way I search for collaborators.

As a musician, there are many creatives I need to connect with: other songwriters, photographers, A&Rs, etc. It gets really hard to keep track of all of my contacts because most of them I know exclusively on Instagram.

PeopleMap not only makes it easy to find these individuals, but it also keeps them super organized, and streamlined. Not to mention, connecting and engaging with these creatives also grows my following, which would be so so hard without the presence and eases of PeopleMap.

I can’t recommend this sh*t enough. I also can’t recommend the Instagram Marketing course enough as well. The mind and grind is a real tactic to not only help you gain more followers, but also great tactic on how to connect with the individuals you want to connect with online. Win Win.

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Alexandra Cadiz

I took Puno's advanced Instagram class and damn, it blew my mind. Not only does it give you insight into creating a successful profile and all the benefits Instagram can provide for your brand, but Puno breaks down every single element that goes into it. I'll admit at times I was slightly overwhelmed, but after six hours I came out of the class 100% more informed, more confident in my social media skills and empowered to gain real, authentic followers. Not to mention I met some fantastic people during the class and it was super relaxed and fun. I highly recommend it for anyone serious about using Instagram as a marketing tool for their brand. If you think you already know everything there is to know about Instagram, you don't. This class will teach you so much!

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