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Shawn Binder, ilovecreatives Community Curator

“This spreadsheet is SO empowering. I had put off my student loans for years. I even saved $10K and thought that this meant my earning potential was higher. I had no idea how my interest rate and low monthly payments affected my future net income. I left college with $40K of debt and no real understanding of how loans worked.

Puno created this spreadsheet for me and, for the first time, I saw how much interest I would be paying over time. Spoiler alert, it was $31,000!

Seeing the options laid out clearly really lit a 🔥 under my butt to pay them off. I calculated that if I increased by monthly payment by $150, I could save $13,000 over the life of my loans.

I have already recommended this to all my college friends. When it comes to your student debt, ignorance is NOT bliss.”

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