Ep.2: Which is better, Dropbox or Google Drive?


About this Episode

Ring riiing! ☎️ In this episode, we answer which is better: Dropbox or Google Drive? Only a good ole’ App Debate can put this to rest! Big thanks to Priscilla Castro (@kodeofkondukt), Jenn Peterson (@jenncarynpeterson), Soraia Martins (@voltadomar_) and everyone who answered the poll!

Since recording this episode, Google One launched. Essentially, it’s going to replace Google Drive as their Individual Tier. Google’s Team Tier is called G Suite. Prices and plans will undoubtedly change across all options. It’s looking like Google is going to keep playing that price game to dominate the market. At ilovecreatives, we’re big fans of Dropbox and Google Drive, but once we need unlimited storage (video files are huuuuuge), it just doesn’t make sense for us to stay with Dropbox.

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