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We've been sending out our newsletter every Wednesday since 2015 and grew our community through word of mouth. With 40% open rate and 10% click-through, your ads will be seen by an engaged community of creatives.

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We thought we would just be a newsletter, but people kept asking for us to start posting on Instagram Stories. Our stories reach about 400 people each and it's a great way to get 👀 on your instagram account.

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Maybe you need to show a moodboard, add a form, or display photos. Craigslist is free, but ugh, you just don't want to deal. 💅🏼 We highly recommend this for
Jobs, Events, and Rentals if you have way more to show or say.


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Frequently Asked Questions

So, how does this
bad boy work?


Post and purchase your ad.


We make your ad and post it to the website.


We email our subscribers and post on instagram.


+ What if I purchase after Monday 10PM PST?

If you purchase after Monday 10PM PST we will try to fit you in that week's newsletter. Otherwise, we'll add you to the next week's newsletter.

+ When are ads posted?

All ads will be posted before the Wednesday newsletter goes out.

+ When can I post again?

Please do not purchase consecutive weeks, but if you can't resist, try to differentiate your ads. Don't you get annoyed when you see the same commercial over and over again?

+ What are your newsletter stats?

As of January 2019, we have 14K Subscribers with 35% Open Rate (IndustryStandard 15-30%) and 8% Click Through Rate (Industry Standard 1-3%).

+ How much traffic do you guys get on the website?

As of January 2019, we get about 16K unique visitors a month.



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A list of over 14,000 creatives that
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