Ep.4: How can I increase traffic to my e-commerce store?


About this Episode

Ring riiing! ☎️ This week’s caller is Gloria Noto of the rising natural, vegan and gender free beauty brand, NOTO Botanics. Gloria wants to know: “How can I increase traffic to my e-commerce store?” We feel ya. While NOTO products have already garnered a loyal fanbase (we’re obsessed!), Puno walks her through some ways she can leverage the brand’s growth using Google Analytics right in Shopify. To make it simple, we’ve included a “homework” checklist below. Prepare to take your e-commerce store to the next level🔥 with these practical steps for converting followers into sales!

👀 Apps mentioned: Google Analytics and Bitly.

✏️Don’t forget to do your homework! Grab the checklist here.

Want to know how to set up Google Analytics? Watch this bonus video!

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