Bethany Heykoop

Bethany Heykoop

Project Manager / Anthropologist

Los Angeles, CA


So, what does Bethany do?

I analyze everything. Also I do project management. Company buildout, events, department process revamps, whatever. I analyze and test and figure out best practices to streamline anyone’s process for anything.

Whoa that’s awesome! What does Company buildout mean? How did you get into that?

By company buildout I mean my fingers were in all the pies. I taught myself the processes to have a company in the state of California as far as the government & taxes were concerned, organized and implemented all financials and HR needs through Quickbooks & ADP. All the numbers stuff, as well as scoping out the competition and brainstorming and creating marketing strategy/first offerings. As well as ways to measure effectiveness.

What is your biggest goal in terms of streamlining a process? 

Being able to take a situation or be presented with a problem in a process and identify bottlenecks. My goal is to clear those up in a way that is best for those it directly affects. I just love process and cleaning shit up. :)


What do you wish you could do more often?

I really want to be able to affect or run strategy. I just tend to have the project strategy mindset. I don’t get to do this much, but when I do I feel pretty badass. 

I am able to “do” all the parts of a project, but I work best on a team and love to work with people who are better at things than I am. 


What are all the tools (digital or physical) you use on a regular basis?

Oh gosh. Squarespace, twitter, instagram, facebook (& fb analytics), Bitly, MAP (this crazy new online community have you like heard of it like wow), my toothbrush (keep those whites pearly), Google Analytics, VSCO, Squaready, Sonar Solo, Pages/Keynote, Excel. I use my Macbook & My Canon Rebel -- they’re attached to me. 


What’s your blog? How do you test content and marketing?

The New Vantage is my blog. It’s my brain baby. It essentially takes a more sexy anthropological look at how we think about life in general, how we come to the conclusions we come to, and challenge our ideology and how we built it. It’s just a raw look at our real lifestyles, so it’s nothing like other lifestyle blogs.

It’s been live for a little over two months now, and I’m gauging when I post, the titles of things I post, the hashtags that are more helpful in spreading visibility, increasing shared posts, looking for features or opportunities to guest write or share on other people’s blogs.


Do you take the photos? What was the last photoshoot that you did?

I take all my photos, and I post them without editing them because I think everyone does that too much. Yesterday I shot a lingerie boutique in Beverly Hills for an interview on my blog as well as a last-minute courthouse wedding. Really wish I had two cameras for that one.

What is frustrating you right now? What is making your project hard to move forward?

I love this question. At the moment it’s exposure and figuring out the best next step in my marketing strategy for my blog. Also I haven’t been working on a team recently in my current gig and that’s really irritating to me because I love people too much


What are you putting off right now, but you know you have to get to, but you haven’t had the time?

Relationships with other bloggers and writers. I really want to see what sick things people are working on and I just haven’t had time to really find and harvest those more creative relationships.


What are your favorite blogs of the now?

There’s this fashion blogger in Russia whose perspective I love. Maybe it’s because it’s so different from my own. The writing of Four Pins is great. Structure-wise, I like That’s Chic but I love the mood of Whiskey Grade. A lot of my inspiration draws from random bloggers I find on Instagram who don’t live in the US.


If you could hire someone for $20/hour, what would you have them do to make your day easier?

Well the control freak that I am has to sit down for a sec and think. I suppose it would be taking control of engaging community and building a more social presence and connection for my blog. And also brainstorm and execute photo shoots with me.


Let’s say that you could only have that person for 1 hour, 5x a week. Which tasks would be most effective in community engagement and social presence?

I would have them working at different hours each day on a rotating schedule, and have them strap on the forehead flashlight and dig for small hashtag communities with like 30,000 posts. Active and effective but not over posted. And just see what they find and comment and ask questions and just see what life looks like for them. Keeping track of all of this, of course. There are a handful of G+ super active blog communities that I’d like to be more engaged with. I’ve found some great people but haven’t had the time to get to know their “blurb” of the world, outside of their “about” section. 

Essentially I feel like I need more time to data collect through Instagram and other social channels to see what people are doing and find what works and doesn’t work to build a cool community. Or become part of another cool community.

If you could talk to an expert to gain more insight on something, what would it be about?

OMG where the hell to begin. Life -- time -- is it a flat circle? But really, I really want to sit down with someone that grew their passion into their livelihood and talk about all the ups and downs and “I almost just gave up” moments. I really want to talk with people who have been through the ringer in creating something that was important to them. An entrepreneur/yoda-like experienced guide. (super non specific skills-wise, but that’s the best way I know how to put it).


Those are such great stories. Anyone specific come to mind?

The couple behind Warby Parker. Jonathan Adler. Steve Carell.


What's next?

What opportunities are you looking for right now?

Anything to do with project management. Something I can dive headlong into and organize and strategize and brainstorm and execute. I love human sciences and behaviors so if I get to do some market research (or find sources of team breakdown, or figure out the best way to run an event for cat lovers, whatever) and analysis I’d be over the moon.

Does it have to be a business or can it just be a person?

This could be for a person or a business, so no party lines there.

What do you look for on LinkedIn? 

I look for job titles -- Project Coordinator, Researcher, Qualitative Analyst. Contributing Writer occasionally.

How are you looking for these opportunities/projects right now?

Mainly poking friends of friends, stalking LinkedIns, wallpapering my resume all over the streets of Los Angeles (have you seen the “i” music video by Kendrick Lamar? Minute 3:25, only tossing out resumes instead of spitting).

Describe your ideal job?

My ideal collaboration would be with someone that is chasing their dreams and needs someone with a pinky toe on the ground to get shit done. A job where I could put out more than I take in terms of creative juices and execution. Also, anything to do with qualitative research.

Describe a client/job/partner you would rather not have. What are your deal breakers?

Deal breakers are people who aren’t direct. People that beat around the bush. People that are stagnant and satisfied with the status quo. Deal breaker jobs are ones that require the same task to be done over and over. I’m not a button pusher...unless I’m getting to blow an old car up in a deserted field. Then I’ll push the effing button.


Are there any signals or even common phrases that this Dealbreaker would you use?

Great question. I’ll go off of [literally] things that people have said to me. “Well we’ve always done it this way so if you want to try something else good luck.” “There’s just so much to say I don’t know how to simplify it, so no I can’t help you.” “I mean if that’s what you want to do…” Usually these answers happen when I ask for areas of expertise or experiences to partner together and create something new. Oh, and passive aggressiveness. That’s literally just the worst.

While these (for me) are shitty things to hear when we’re trying to get something done, I usually work with the person to ask more clarifying questions and come to some common ground in working together.


What is your rate?

I’m pretty easy: $17 bucks USD an hour. Unless you want me to be your sidekick and you’re a crime journalist like Nightcrawler. Then we’ll talk raises.


Rad! Let’s use ILC as an example. What would you need from us? How would we start? 

Sure: well first I like to catch the passion bug and talk with the person that believes most in the project, then ask what they need the most help with. Then talk about what has been done so far and what networks of resources and people already exist in making the process/project more bad ass. Ideally, I’d like to be able to shadow someone who is most elbow deep/on the front lines of the process/project for a couple hours if necessary. Then chat about what the ultimate goal is (do you want to sell the company in a year? Do you want to have 200 users by ____? etc.). Mainly timeline related things. And anything else that organically comes up.


How should someone approach you about working with you?

Pretty much anything that includes a photo of a cat seeing themselves in the mirror for the first time, etc. And also email is best

This member profile was originally published on November 2014