Cherie Marquez

Cherie Marquez

Floral and Botanical Designer/Creative Director, La Fleur Kitchen

Los Angeles, CA/Seattle, WA
Instagram @lafleurkitchen
Twitter @lafleurkitchen


What do you do?

I'm the founder of La Fleur Kitchen. Based out of Los Angeles and Seattle, La Fleur Kitchen is an event floral and botanical design studio.

La Fleur Kitchen is an event floral and botanical design studio.


Give us a specific example of how you do your job like a BOSS.

I listen. I consider myself learning on a constant basis. I’m always open to suggestions, ways to improve, ideas etc. I think no matter the size of business you run, the people that work with you is what creates the team you lead and the work reflects that.


What are all the tools (digital or physical) you use on a regular basis?

Flowers, vessels, scissors, chicken wire, my mac, my canon dslr, and my iphone.


What are you working on right now?

I’m currently working on a string of workshops/events in LA, Sonoma, San Diego and Seattle. Plus a few weddings for the fall season.


What is frustrating you right now? What is making your job/business/project hard to move forward?

I’m not sure if there is anything that is frustrating at the moment. Sometimes I’m too much of a “yes” person that I get myself overwhelmed. However, I’ve always been a go-getter so sometimes that gives me drive to pursue the unknown.

What task keeps landing at the bottom of the To Do list?

I don’t know if it’s putting off, but I haven’t found the right studio yet. I work from my studio home, but have been looking for the right studio OUTSIDE of my home. I guess i’ll know when I see it.

If you could hire someone for $20/hour, what would you have them do to make your day easier?

Social Media and Content Creation. Just because there isn’t enough hours in the day.

If you could talk to an expert to gain more insight on something, what would it be about?

I’m a firm believer that you are constantly learning each day. I’d love to meet more floral designers around the world and watch them work, see what their styles and techniques are. I’m not into competing, I like to see everyone grow from each other.

Any peeps that you are into right now or that you follow on instagram...who would you love to meet?

Thats a good question. I’m not sure if there is anyone I’m particularly INTO, I think lately I’ve been into using social media to laugh - so when I need a good brightening of the day my defaults tend to be @jengotch @thefatjewish - However I am into checking out new peeps that post to the new creative community I’ve formed #FoundandGathered - I like discovering new people.

What kind of opportunities/projects are you looking for?

I love to collaborate with new people, brands and opportunities within the creative and design industry. I think opportunities that spark my interest, something new and something fresh.

I love to collaborate with new people

Who would be an ideal/dream collabo be with?  Any brands that you love?

I’d really love to do a collaboration with AIRBNB and also LACMA and the BROAD- anyone from AIRBNB, LACMA or the BROAD reading this? I love to travel and I love contemporary museums.

How are you looking for these opportunities/projects right now?

I find I’m a bit old school in this area. I like reaching out to people I want to work with directly and letting them get to know me and what’s important to me and then introducing the work aspect later. I like to develop meaningful relationships first.

What is your ideal client?

Really my ideal client or collaboration is helping them solve a solution through design to make their project thrive. I like to see what their visions are, incorporate mine and create something that matches the aesthetic of everyone involved.

What is your preferred style of working (remote, in-house, on-site, etc)?

I currently work out of my home studio, but one day when I find the right place in the right location I’d like to have my own storefront.

Describe a client/job/partner you would rather not have. What are your deal breakers?

I don't think I'd rather not have a certain type of client, I think if the project fits me then it can work. I love working with clients that have a strong belief in their work/project because then it's a passion project.

What is your rate? 

This really depends on the project and the work entailed. I look at the scope of work being requested, the materials and ingredients involved and the amount of time it would take.

How should someone approach you about working together?

I think initial communication is a key factor. I like hearing a good introduction to a project or collaboration. Part of my design process is getting to know the client, their style, their likes, dislikes and I usually can get a good sense of the type of relationship we can have. Additionally, yes things such as scope and budget are good to know. I like to be able to accommodate needs and concerns to prevent quality in the design.

This member profile was originally published in October 2015.