Jaclyn Mundy

Jaclyn Mundy

Event Coordinator and Planner

Los Angeles, CA



What do you do?

My creative passion is event coordination and planning.

What is the difference between Event Coordinating and Planning?

Event Coordinating is working with an active client that needs someone to work with. Coordinating is a lot of making sure everything goes according to plan. Planning is more of taking complete ownership for an event and executing from beginning to end.

When I’m not doing that I work as an office assistant to fine tooth my office skills.


What kind of office skills?

Administrative work such as organizing calendars, expense reports, bookkeeping, and creative support.


If you have multiple jobs and/or skills, which one do you wish you could do more often?

I would love to go from one event straight into the other, weddings to corporate events and everything in between. Events and just working with large groups of people can get chaotic, I love to be the one who takes over the situation and makes everything flow.


Give us a specific example of how you do your job like a BOSS.

The delivery man from Bevmo forgot to bring the champagne to a wedding. In the real world, life goes on. In the wedding world, it stops to freak out. But my claim to fame was working this minor catastrophe into a win by talking to the right people and getting some free ice for the very hot outdoor wedding.


What are all the tools (digital or physical) you use on a regular basis?

I use Google Docs for almost everything. Most of what I do is do all the pre-planning on Docs then do the rest in person.

What is frustrating you right now? What is making your job/business/project hard to move forward?

I would love to find a mentor, someone that could take me under their wing. What is making finding my next project hard is that it is largely based on referrals, and no matter if you are a networking whiz that always seems to be the hardest part.

Are there event planners or companies you admire?

Cara Events, AC Events, Bash. These are some event planners that I would love to work with.

What are you putting off right now, but you know you have to get to, but you haven’t had the time?

I really would love to look into going back to school, but I am procrastinating because still looking for the most beneficial area

What are you looking to do at school?

I would look into getting my MBA so I would understand more in depth how to run a business

If you could hire someone for $20/hour, what would you have them do to make your day easier?

Honestly I would love to be on the other side of this question and working and learning from someone else.

Love this.

If you could talk to an expert to gain more insight on something, what would it be about?

I would love to talk to someone about creating a company that creates enough revenue to be able to focus on that rather than money earning side projects.

So true. What do you think the difference is? Side projects vs. companies?

I think side projects are great but they usually all are supporting someone else on separate ideas and creating a company I think is generating multiple projects but they are all working towards a common goal. At least when concerning events.

What kind of opportunities/projects are you looking for right now?

I am looking events where I can help out other people and in turn learn more about the event industry.


Describe your ideal client/job/collaboration. Even if it doesn’t actually exist!

I would love to have a residency at a venue or hotel or any awesome location for that matter, that I can really understand how each venue operates .

Describe a client/job/partner you would rather not have. What are your deal breakers?

A deal breaker would be just if someone flakes out on a commitment.


What is your rate, retainer, or salary range?

Varies from ~500-1000 depending on event size and duration.


What would you get for $1K?

Really both are broad estimates for really big corporate events that I’ve worked on with a couple 100 guests. But realistically I would be more than happy to negotiate rates for smaller events to an hourly rate of $20. Overall tab would be how long it would take to arrange everything.


Is this for Event planning and coordination?

Depending how involved I would need to be. Hourly rate works fine.

How should someone approach you about working with you?

Email is the best way, jaclyn.mundy7@gmail.com. I keep the inbox pretty organized but mention ILC and I’ll recognize the name

This member profile was originally published on December 2014.

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