Jan McCarthy

Jan McCarthy

Founder of Entrepreneurial Voice / Artist

Downtown, Los Angeles, CA



What do you do?

I help women to find their voice, launch their dream, build their company, and unleash their entrepreneurial spirit through teaching, coaching, cheerleading and/or consultation.

The process is experiential, built on a sharing community, gaining knowledge, digging deep to get to the bottom of a problem and helping you to overcome that challenge, providing accountability, holding your hand, celebrating your success, strategizing, and providing you resources and solutions in a safe, fun environment.


Can you tell us more about your process?

I find out what women are really trying to say, what is the backstory, help them tell their story from their heart, find out why they are passionate about their business, guide them to move past their fear, teach them to value their worth, help them recognize their accomplishments, encourage them to celebrate their successes, identify their strengths and their own unique secret sauce, and finally, move forward in their business.  


Give us a specific example of how you do your job like a BOSS.

This is a testimonial from one of the women I have worked with. “I have LOVED being a part of the agency (this is one of my MASTERMIND groups) and know that I would be no where close to where I am right now with my business without 1) your unbelievable coaching and wisdom and 2) the love, support and help of you and the other agents. So THANK YOU hugely for all that you have done to create this group and personally support me over the last few years as I muddled through this entrepreneurial process, you truly are a guru!

For other people in your field, what do they usually lack?

Other people in my field often forget to bring the personal into it. They go by the books, and stick to the usual format of a business meeting or meet and greet. I stand out by incorporating who I am into the mix. I love dinner parties and the intimacy that goes along with that format, so I incorporate those features into my setting. I like knowing that I am in a safe environment and can share the things I’m scared of without fear of judgement so I create that kind of environment for the women I work with.

Can you describe your perfect settings; a past successful one and future experience that you would like to provide for your clients.

Coming to one of my MASTERMIND events is like going to a fabulous dinner party with great food, good drink, and interesting activities in this really cool creative space. It feels like you are hanging out with your besties (even if you just met some of these women) who are really cool and smart. During this dinner you get the opportunity to share your successes and get positive reinforcement and celebratory accolades as well as discuss challenges you may be having with your business and get support, feedback, advice, encouragement. It’s like having your tribe, your community. People who have your back and you have theirs. People who you can be yourself with and share your fears, concerns and accomplishments without fear or worry.

If you have multiple jobs and/or skills, which one do you wish you could do more often?

I do have multiple jobs and skills, but like having more than one child, I don’t love one more than the other. I’m fortunate that if I want to paint more, I paint more. If I want to dream up something really cool that I think will be beneficial to the women I work with, then I take the time to do that and implement it. If I want more clients, then I schedule more clients, or workshops or not. If I want to take off and travel, then I take off and travel. I love my life and am very blessed I have the opportunity to live it on my terms.

What is frustrating you right now? 

Technology. I want an incredible website that reflects who I am and what I offer, as well as be able to incorporate social media (FB, instagram, blog, twitter?, whatever the latest greatest stuff out there is) in a simple effective manner. However, I haven’t found the right person to redesign my website. I also am extremely frustrated with my wordpress blog. I just found out my subscribers are not getting my blogs, although I don’t know why and can’t figure it out….yet.

What are you putting off right now, but you know you have to get to, but you haven’t had the time? 

Creating and implementing online workshops, Updating mailchimp and utilizing it effectively, writing and implementing an ebook. Part of this comes from the fact that I haven’t taken the time to figure out HOW to do some of the technological aspects of the work.

If you could hire someone for $20/hour, what would you have them do to make your day easier?

Implementing online workshops, Updating mailchimp and utilizing it effectively, implementing the technology to create an ebook, do videos to include on my website, help me update my wordpress blog and solve some of the problems I’ve been experiencing.

What are you working on right now?

I host a MASTERMIND AGENCY GROUP on the 2nd WED of every month for female entrepreneurs. (see description above) and it is always interesting, exciting and inspiring.

On Monday, 1/19, I’m launching an online accountability group.  We will focus on 12 major goals/intentions over the course of a year and the actions steps necessary to follow through and see results.  A year of support and accountability for only $120!

I am working on two books and an online class all pertaining to business.


What kind of opportunities/projects are you looking for right now?

I’m always looking to expand my network and help women launch their dream or grow their business.


Describe your ideal client/job/collaboration. Even if it doesn’t actually exist!

I am open to any kind of collaboration. I love hosting workshops/classes/events and as long as I can provide value for myself and my customer, I’m in!


Describe a client/job/partner you would rather not have. What are your deal breakers?

The women that I welcome into my network are those that are givers. There is no room for people who are looking to take without giving back, that have a bad attitude or make others feel uncomfortable or unsafe.


How should someone approach you about working with you?

Humor is always appreciated. Email works best. jan@entrepreneurialvoice.com

This member profile was originally published on January 2015.

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