Julie Wolfson

Julie Wolfson

Freelance Writer / Arts Educator

Los Angeles, California

Instagram @juliewolfson
Twitter @JulieWolfson


What do you do?

I am a freelance journalist and arts educator. I write about visual and performing arts, lifestyle and design, food, coffee, and spirits. Lately many stories have focused on entrepreneurs, designers, makers, and creatives. I have worked in the theatre for many years as a director, producer, teacher, and mentor. Add some consulting and a new chapter of teaching public speaking and I think that’s it. Oh as much volunteering as I can squeeze in, plus I have two daughters. Sofia is in high school and Vivian is in 5th grade.

I write about visual and performing arts, lifestyle and design, food, coffee, and spirits.


If you have multiple jobs and/or skills, which one do you wish you could do more often?

I miss directing plays. I loved rethinking classic and bringing new plays to life. For my current writing I’d like to develop a longer format project.


Give us a specific example of how you do your job like a BOSS.

Some days I jump into situation where I am not sure what I am showing up to find unexpected inspiration and connections with people. I try to be brave.


What are all the tools (digital or physical) you use on a regular basis?

iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro, Leica D-Lux 4, headphones, Crank batteries…


What are you working on right now?

A travel story about Koreatown, a story about furniture hand made in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, local food stories, developing a podcast, some consultation work.


What is frustrating you right now? What is making your job/business/project hard to move forward?

Staying organized. My work is so social, making deadlines can feel like I am in school. I still have those "I missed the exam, where is the classroom, what test am I taking" dreams.

What are you putting off right now, but you know you have to get to, but you haven’t had the time?

Coming up with an idea for a book. I would love to do one but not just for the sake of saying I wrote a book. I want to come up with an idea that is entertaining or needed or both. One chef suggested I help write his cookbook, I like that idea. I really like interviewing people and find learning about their life, inspirations, and what drives them.

If you could hire someone for $20/hour, what would you have them do to make your day easier?

Type up interview tapes. Copy edit and proof read my articles. Occasionally do an errand. Help me get organized.

If you could talk to an expert to gain more insight on something, what would it be about?

I would like to have a life coach help me focus all of the different things I do to help me feel like it will all add up to something. And did I say i need to get more organized?  I’d love to figure out a way to be more productive to get my work, family, volunteering and socializing schedules to all work together better. I always feel like I am doing something and missing something.

What kind of opportunities/projects are you looking for?

More writing that pays well (one can dream). More consultation clients. To find the time to direct a play, even more readings and staging performance art for events. To get my new podcast idea off the ground, hopefully with a sponsorship. 

How are you looking for these opportunities/projects right now?

Pounding the pavement. I meet with new people every week exploring opportunities.

What is your ideal client?

Working with smart, talented people, who do what they say they are going to do. No bullshit. I get weary of the games.

What is your preferred style of working (remote, in-house, on-site, etc)?

On site. I can get some done from home, but I am a social animal. And I bring headphones for when I need to hunker down.

Describe a client/job/partner you would rather not have. What are your deal breakers?

Game players. People who try to be intimidating. This is not brain surgery. Stay classy. Try to be civil. Can you tell I have worked with a few feisty editors?

What is your rate, retainer, or salary range? If it depends on the project, give us some examples of projects and the cost. 

I have been paid everything from $1,500 dollars to $0 for stories. I prefer the former. For consultation clients I work on a sliding scale depending on the time I have available and te budget on the person or company I am working with. I generally charge $75-$100 per hour for teaching. I have been paid up to $1,000 per hour for speaking appearances too.

How should someone approach you about working together?

Email me. Tell me what you need. I will only take on projects that I know how to do or know how to learn how to do it. I won’t snow you. I charge fair prices.

This member profile was originally published in October 2015.