Conversationalists Wanted for Pandemonium Screenplays


Wanted FOR Pandemonium Screenplays

Los Angeles, CA

Pandemonium Screenplays, a movement to start people reading screenplays as naturally as they read novels, is seeking personable and approachable people to conduct conversational street interviews.

About the Job

This job is perfect for design students, actors, avid readers, salespeople and anyone with the gift of gab. We’ll train you on Human Centered Design interview techniques and send you out to collect customer insights by recording your conversations with the people you will be engaging. Learn more about us on our About and FAQ.

You’ll be putting in one, four-hour-shift a week to start, at places like college campuses, outside independent bookstores, the mall, airport, shopping areas, crowded city streets, etc. We’ll help you decide where you go.

Pay: $15/hr as an Independent Contractor

To apply, record a one minute conversation with a stranger
about what they like to read and upload here:

Must be 18 years of age with reliable mobile device.

Jorge Del Pinal