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The Downtown’s Women’s Center has 252 women that have graduated from their workforce development program. They have a wishlist of companies they would like to get contact with and maybe you know someone who knows someone! ✨

See the wishlist below of the companies they would like introductions to. Also, browse the skillsets and perhaps you’ll come up with ideas of other companies they could partner with! For example, they have women who are trained baristas, do you know someone who works at Starbucks Corporate? Have a friend who could use a transcriber? We want to know!

We met some of these women at their last Candle Making Workshop and it reminded us that these women are just as hard working as anyone else.

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Downtown Women’s Center  Monthly Candle Workshop

Downtown Women’s Center
Monthly Candle Workshop

🎁 Company Wishlist

Check your Linkedin! Who knows, someone at one of these companies could have gone to high school with you. 😉

  • Kaiser

  • Dignity Health

  • Good Samaritan Hospital

  • Pride Staff

  • Aerotek

  • People Ready

  • Metro

  • Ultimate Staffing

  • Help Mates (clerical warehouse)

  • AT&T (Cerritos location)

  • Randstad-Pasadena

  • Next Health

  • Consumer Law Firm (Studio City)

  • Starbucks

  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

  • Verve

  • Blue Bottle

  • Task Rabbit

Have ideas for other job placements?

Skillsets the women from Downtown Women’s Center specialize:

  • Janitorial

  • Warehousing experience and manual labor tasks

  • Food Service

  • Barista

  • Office Work

  • Data Entry

  • Cashiering

  • Assembly

  • Customer Service

  • Call Centers

Preferably in DTLA
(not required!)

Looking for FT/PT/On the Job training —
Minimum wage


More Info — 

Breaking the Cycles of Unemployment and Homelessness With Workforce Development

For women who are formerly or currently homeless, barriers to employment can range from physical disabilities and mental health obstacles, to a lack of formal work experience or long bouts of unemployment after job loss, to the stigmatization individuals experiencing homelessness face on a daily basis.

Meaningful and sustainable employment is the key to creating and maintaining housing stability. 

Connecting women experiencing or at-risk of homelessness with job training and placement programs is critical to ensure they have the tools they need for long-term stability and success.


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The Downtown Women’s Center workforce development department orientates approximately 60 plus women quarterly through weekly orientations. These orientations are used to educate and foster women in workplace practices such as inter-employee communication skills, how to These women are seeking Full Time / Part Time employment, transitional employment (Social Enterprise) or on the job training opportunities. This equates to 252 women, a year seeking support with employment through the department. Social Enterprise hires 10% of the pool of participants requiring an alternative pathway to employment for 90% of those seeking employment.

The Downtown Women’s Center helps these women develop critical employment skills such as typing, data-entry, customer service skills, and how to communicate effectively with their fellow team-members and managers.

Facts about homelessness:

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