OM Digital looking for experiential designer



OM Digital full-time experiential designer.

Los Angeles, CA

Production/scenic/set designer with 3D rendering skills☀

OM Digital, a social media creative agency with the DNA of a technology company is looking for an experiential designer who loves dreaming up sensational concepts for film and photography shoots, and immersive experiences.

Check out their insta: @omdigital.

If you have applied, we will get back to you. We promise!

This person will guide projects from concept to execution, and must be able to:


  • Design unique scenic, experiential, and other brand experiences for a wide variety of projects.

  • Create realistic 2D and 3D renderings, site plans, and specifications.

  • Outline your vision in persuasive and polished slide decks that combine illustrations, renders, moodboards, and text.

  • Produce or lead the production of digital and print graphics.

  • Scale your approach to accommodate a range of budgets.

  • Work within our client’s brand guidelines.


  • Provide fabrication partners with detailed instructions, specifications, and plans for building out set designs.

  • Source materials, furnishings, and decorative elements for productions.

  • Collaborate with our team of producers, cinematographers, and video editors to ensure your vision is executed perfectly.


  • Study people interacting with your design and reflect on what works and what doesn’t.

  • Stay current with industry trends and untapped opportunities.

You should feel comfortable working in a wide variety of styles (colorful pop-art looks, edgy light installations, and opulent movie scenes) and scopes (extravagant experiences and simple, budget-conscious productions). You can also think digitally—some production ideas are more digital than physical.


Submissions for this position are now closed. Thank you to all who have applied!