Primer Magazine seeks Experienced, Thoughtful Editor


Primer Magazine seeks Experienced, Thoughtful Editor


Starting immediately, Primer Magazine is looking for an editor!

We are an online men's publication with over 600,000 monthly readers and that tackles matters of style, personal growth, and conduct for the millennial man.

We need a whip-smart, motivated editor to:

  • Quickly inhabit the Primer voice (with mentoring, of course!)

  • Work directly with our founder to brainstorm new content, ensure weekly content needs are met, and wrangle his bandwidth for note-giving

  • Assign content & deadlines to our roster of writers, give notes at rough & fine draft, and take a polish pass as needed

  • Write assigned style posts & sponsored content

  • Work within our established workflows (Slack, Trello, Google Docs, Wordpress)

Essential qualities include:

  • Strong, approachable, mature writing

  • Unimpeachable grammar

  • Fanatical respect for deadlines

Ideally, you understand and appreciate the Primer aesthetic: Equal parts modern prep, rugged Americana, with a dash of urban styling for edge. You know Old Navy is a great place to pick up certain things, while H&M and J.Crew Factory are better for others. You appreciate that each Primer reader is on a personal journey of self-development, and that ours is a community where guys (and gals!) share their experiences and knowledge.

Requirements for applying:

  • Formal resume with editorial credits and/or editorial experience at established magazines, websites, or blogs

  • A strong set of writing samples that showcase your writing ability as well as your passion for style. All applicants must include writing samples featuring style; either published or spec

Commitment & Compensation:

  • For immediate start

  • The position is part-time. We anticipate 10-15 hours a week

  • Competitive hourly rate

Now comes the real, ultimate test: are you a careful reader with strong execution? To be considered please (a) include “Primer editor search 2K18” in the subject line, (b) attach your resume, and (c) include writing samples. Failure to do so will result in automatic rejection and/or Mayan curse.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Jorge Del Pinal