Rent Video Lighting and Audio Equipment in Los Angeles


VIDEO Lighting & Audio EquipmentRental

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

If you're in need of a lighting and audio kit to make your videos look beautiful, we got you!

Why we use Litegear LiteMat:

  • Continuous bright LED Lighting with a dimmer — never gets hot
  • Super lightweight — seriously, you can lift them with one hand
  • Quick setup — it's super easy!
  • Affordable rental and chill pickup in DTLA


RentalS available:

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Whether you’re a video noob or an experienced videographer, or somewhere in between this Lighting & Audio kit has got you. As a self-taught videographer/editor, I was able to learn and use these tools fast. Super easy set-up and take-down! The audio gear is all extremely straight forward and really good for upping the quality of anything you create! Not to mention, I’m also a weakling and the Litegear Litemats are light as hell!
Krizia Victoria
Jorge Del Pinal