CHELONII Instagram


Chelonii seeks an instagram account manager to help build an audience and future customer base


Chelonii wants to build an audience through beautifully, collected/generated pictures that are moderated and published on Chelonii instagram and on at least two more accounts to build more of an lifestyle/supporting account to start running when we launch our product in December.  
We expecting this to take approximately 20 hours a month. 

About us:

We look to create a brand that is guided by our leading words:

Chelonii will offer bracelets and accessories created by recyclable materials. The products will be fashion products with a luxurious but yet playful feeling. Products are unisex. Advertising will be a/b tested with the hypothesis that women will be more targeted with marketing.

We see our customers as smart, caring and playful and a bit on the wildside. They are citizens of the world, people who enjoy what they do, for them work is not a job.

Their work is a mission and therefore they are passionate about what they do. No matter if it’s in music, video, arts, spreadsheets or investments. Formentera/Mykonos, Cape Town, Burano keeps popping up as a visual inspiration.

Our collections will be based on different animals in need. 

Example ideas of inspiration for collections

Turtles, Dolphins, Starfishes etc

Humming birds, Butterflies, etc.

Elephants, Tigers, Lions etc.

All done with an understated Scandinavian touch, and a bit Bohemia. The perceived value should be extremely high in everything from webpage, adverts, to packaging and after-sales.

Whether you wear our accessories  to your suit or bikini, you should feel that extra feeling of excitement and pride and just a little bit edgy.

Since everything Chelonii does should be helping our planet and its inhabitants somehow there is a really good foundation for storytelling. We will dedicate our different collections to different animals/areas that is in acute need of financial support and for each sold bracelet make a contribution to a fitting cause. We will follow up and document and create stories around each donation. The thought is to work with local dedicated and result-driven organizations and do something that actually makes a different not just give money. 

All sales will be made through which will run Shopify. 
Shipping from warehouse in Sweden. Global selling, will start with Europe. 
Advertising will be on campaigns though different social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. 

Chelonii has a really strong foundation of committed influencers on board from day one. We are also well capitalized and in this for  the long-run. 


Jorge Del Pinal