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Financial Rant

Win a $100 ilovecreatives Gift Card by sharing your money story with us.

We think talking money should be easy, not taboo or awkward. We’re all in this together and we learn from real stories so tell us your financial rant!

Are you currently in debt and used our Student Loan Calculator? Did you pay off all your loans? Did you try to defer your loans? Did you sign up for a credit card with 22% interest? OMG, this sounds like Jerry Springer Casting… anyway, you get the gist!

No shame in your money game, let’s lay those cards on the table.

Rant here.

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I’m shy about talking money. Should I enter?
Definitely! We think talking money shouldn’t be weird. The more you do it, the less you’ll feel strange about it. However, we’d love to share your experience with our community. So if having other people hear your story isn’t your jam, might be best to pass.

Shawn Binder