kids yoga company is looking for an Executive Assistant


kids yoga company

is looking for an Executive Assistant

Los Angeles, CA

I am the owner of a kids yoga company based in Diamond Bar, California and I am currently in the research and development stage for new projects in the young children tech business -- I am looking for a creative, organized, enthusiastic executive assistant to help me plan, prioritize tasks and grow my business!

Time & Money

  • This position is a part-time role (12-20 hours a week) -- the expectation is to work alongside me at least 4 hours three times a week. Times are flexible.

  • Any tasks that aren't location-dependent can be performed remotely

  • Rate starting at $20/hour depending on Experience 

  • Excess travel expenses will be reimbursed

Apply if:

  • You are an excellent communicator and have strong interpersonal skills.

  • You have a genuine interest in children related multimedia platforms/ projects/ products.

  • You are self-motivated, independent and capable of keeping track of multiple projects at a time.

  • You know how to prioritize the shit out of a lot of projects.

  • You are open to learning and curious about issues affecting children and families.

  • You are skilled at writing, analyzing, and synthesizing information, and proofreading and editing documents.

  • You are proficient in Google Suite, Trello or any scheduling software tools.

  • + You have tech and/or business background/experience!

If this is you -- send your resume to!

Jorge Del Pinal