ilovecreatives: Creative Friend Machine V2 — October 28th, 2019


Creative Friend Machine

October 28, 2019
6 to 9PM

Kim Sing Theatre
718 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA

Love to network but don’t love networking events? You’re our type of person. Our Creative Friend Machine is beep-bopping-whirling and we’re ready for another night of bringing these online connections IRL awh yeah.

Our friends at Kim Sing Theatre are putting us up in their gorgeous space.

How does it work?

We’ll have you answer a few questions, then sort you into groups accordingly! We put some serious thought into the groups, so if you’re a photographer, you won’t be grouped with only photographers.

We want you to meet new collaborators, creatives, and, of course, friends!

Your price of admission includes goodies from our friends at: Recess and
Jiant Kombucha! Tunes curated by ilovecreatives 🎉

The last Creative Friend Machine sold out fast!
Snag your ticket before we run out.

Ticket: $25

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Is this event free?
Tickets are $25 but include free goodies from our sponsors.

Crap! I can't go to this one, will there be more?
We currently don’t have one in the books, but we'd love to do more so stay tuned! 👍🏼


Word on the street

“Yes! I connected with a brother from another mother. Kinda crazy to feel such a strong connection with someone at a networking event.” - Brad Golden

“LOVED THE EVENT. It came at the perfect time when I was feeling creatively drained. Being surrounded with such hard working creatives and getting to learn about the amazing things people do made me feel SO INSPIRED. It is amazing to be at a creatives event and not feel the need to be competitive. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, even helped guide you or send you info on people who they thought would be a good connection for you. Which is SO HARD TO FIND in this dog eat dog world.” - Melina Sweet

I made so many new friends. It made me very happy to meet more cool people that I seemingly genuinely vibed with. It's my FAVORITE thing (making friends) and I would 10/10 come to the next one. - Lizzie Joelson

Shawn Binder