ilovecreatives — Looking for Podcast Audio Editor and Mixer



ilovecreatives looking for a Podcast Audio Editor & Mixer 


We’re looking for an audio engineer who can edit, mix, and master some sweet upcoming podcasts we have in the works. Please apply below!

We’re working on some fun & exciting new projects in the vein of 1-800-Hey-Puno, but you know, in podcast form! So we’re searching for an audio editor and mixer who can help us create fun, innovative, and information episodes. Are you down?

Apply here

👋🏼We are no longer accepting applications. Thank you for your interest!

Name *
What did you like about it? What do you think makes a captivating podcast episode?
Ranges are fine!
We're hoping to roll these things out weekly, down the line!
Do you have experience using Adobe Audition? *
This will be the software program we use to edit our podcasts.
We're ready ASAP.
Ranges are fine! Let us know your day rate or project rate, if you don't use hourly!
We'd love to take a listen to any previous podcasts you've worked on!
Shawn Binder