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Escape Issue
September 26
The Theatre at DTLA Ace Hotel
7:30pm, Tickets starting at $47


Tell us your story of Escape and be entered to win a pair (2) tickets to Pop-Up Magazine’s Escape Issue.

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Pop-Up Magazine

This fall, Pop-Up Magazine presents its first themed show — The Escape Issue — produced in collaboration with The California Sunday Magazine. We could all use a little escape. From politics. From the past. From hostile governments and climate change. From the Internet. From negativity. Maybe even from ourselves. Join Pop-Up Magazine for an immersive night of storytelling devoted to escapes big and small, daring and mundane, physical and mental. 

Contributors include comedian Jordan Carlos (HBO’s Divorce; Black Mirror; WNYC’s Adulting); poet Sarah Kay (Project VOICE); writers Chris Duffy (Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas), Clio Chang (Jezebel, The New Republic); musician Left at London; photographers Lucas Foglia (International Center of Photography, SF MOMA) and Lisette Poole (Time, The Atlantic, The New York Times).

Jorge Del Pinal