Rebecca Haf

This is by far the best online course I’ve ever taken. I’m not a trained designer and before I started, I’d never built a Squarespace website (or any website). By the end of level one, I had the technical tools to build a Squarespace site and the rest of the course has given me the confidence to turn it into a business.

This isn’t like any online courses I’ve ever taken. Normally they’re very passive, but this one you’re doing a lot more than you’re watching- it’s actually designed to keep you moving forward.

The Slack channel, feedback and office hours also add so much value. You get genuine, useful critique and if you don’t know how to do something you have somewhere to go and ask. It’s impossible to get stuck.

You can really feel that Puno and her team are doing everything they can to set you up to succeed and not just selling you a load of information you’ll never use. Really excited to keep up the momentum and launch my business!

There was genuinely nothing I didn’t like about the course - everything felt purposeful and there was no filler. Amongst all the great stuff in the course, one of the most valuable things for me was watching how Puno uses inspect element and kinda “troubleshoots” CSS in her office hours – that gave me the confidence to dive in and start experimenting myself, without worrying that I don’t have a degree in computer sciences!
— Rebecca Haf