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Justyn Warner

I definitely recommend it to friends other artists because I think its something that everyone should know. You can never learn too much and I think you should always be learning and finding ways to make your business better, especially until you can afford a team of people to assist. — Justyn Warner

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Kevin Brunet

I would recommend this course because of the great Slack community and I would suggest they sign up for the Accountability package as well. That’s been a huge help for me personally. — Kevin Brunet

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Marcus Garrett

It's a really well-designed course. There are a lot of moving parts from the portal, to Slack, to office hours. It all works somehow and it feels seamless. I keep talking about the financial investment for this course, but you're getting an amazing value.

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Nicole King, Designer

Every other Squarespace course I looked at, the output just looked like Squarespace sites. Puno’s style and approach means I’m making something agency level, something I can feel really good about selling to my future clients. Plus, did I mention the format is really fun? Gamification for the win! — Nicole King

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Bekki Li

I looove the course; it was such a great investment. The lessons are jam-packed with info, but also they are just so engaging and hilarious! Puno knows how to make learning fun.

Also, as someone who doesn’t have a background in design, I was a little bit worried and intimidated to take this course at first, but Puno has created an incredible learning environment and she and her team are continuously putting in a lot of time and effort to make this course great for the students. Both her and Gabriel are always there to help make us better designers, and they’ve also built a wonderful community of very supportive, talented, and helpful people. And that has taken a lot of the intimidation away and has made this learning process so enjoyable.

Definitely really happy with this course and 10/10 would recommend to anyone who wants to take their Squarespace game to the next level!

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Lizzy Joelson

I have found Puno's tools to be incredibly useful for me as a designer, I even took her Squarespace course. And now, ta-da, I am a Squarespace designer. She made it fun and the course is way more hands-on than I anticipated. All around good vibes.

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Nicole Wakeley

Even after years on the platform, my skills dramatically improved after the first hour-long lesson, and continued to get better throughout the course. The technical side of things paired with the all important business side (which was seriously invaluable) is the reason I’ve been able to started my freelance web design business with clients already in my calendar!

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Ranee Parker

Taking this course was the best thing I could have done for my business. I went from designing sites that made clients say, "Yeah, that's great." to saying, "Oh wow! That's amazing!" My mind was literally blown many times throughout this course and I feel way more confident in my skills as a Squarespace designer. Puno and Gabriel pushed me to discover my true talent as a Squarespace designer, all while encouraging me to embrace my design aesthetic, and I will forever be grateful for that!

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Margaret Royena

In the middle of taking this course I landed my dream client and have been booking similar clients ever since! This course has revolutionized the way I work, the way I run my business and the way classes should be taught. Puno is energizing, hilarious, and endlessly encouraging! Along with her talented team of TA's, you right off the bat feel welcomed into a digital community filled with talented students cheering you on! — @popbrandco

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Alarice Stuart

So I’ve taken many “business courses” and by far this one was my favorite. The community that comes along with it is incredible! The way each section is set up as levels with a test or submission at the end made me actually want to finish the course. The course content was invaluable! I loved seeing Puno’s thought process as a designer. It definitely up leveled my understanding of how code works in Squarespace.

The section on freelancing was one of my favorites it changed my perspective on charging websites as a package. Even with other design services I offer I still break it down into hourly for my own understanding and also tracking my time! Since taking this course I can see a clear distinction between the quality of websites created for clients before and after and it’s given me the confidence to set a higher minimum client spend. — @alaricestuart

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Mindy Nguyen, Visual + Interactive Designer

This is NOT your average online course. It is so much more. First off, as a visual + interactive designer, I now fully understand the magic of Squarespace as a tool. Second, every little detail was thought out–from the amazing 3D world to the little GIFs throughout. Third, PUNO. Not only is she the ultimate fountain of Squarespace knowledge, she’s also hilarious, engaging, and incredibly genuine. She shows true dedication to everyone’s growth.

BONUS–so many hot tips about freelancing. Worth. Every. Penny. It’ll really be no time before you make that amount back anyways 🤷🏻‍♀️ Personally, I think of it as a short term investment that’s gonna make you serious bank 💎 — @mindy_mn

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Asia David

The most amazing part about the Squarespace course was seeing Puno’s creative process and approach from beginning to end of a website design. It allowed me to pack so much more value into the Squarespace clients we’ve worked with and take on higher budget website projects. — @asiamdav

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Rebecca Haf

This is by far the best online course I’ve ever taken. I’m not a trained designer and before I started, I’d never built a Squarespace website (or any website). By the end of level one, I had the technical tools to build a Squarespace site and the rest of the course has given me the confidence to turn it into a business.

This isn’t like any online courses I’ve ever taken. Normally they’re very passive, but this one you’re doing a lot more than you’re watching — it’s actually designed to keep you moving forward. It’s impossible to get stuck.

You can really feel that Puno and her team are doing everything they can to set you up to succeed and not just selling you a load of information you’ll never use. Really excited to keep up the momentum and launch my business!

There was genuinely nothing I didn’t like about the course - everything felt purposeful and there was no filler. Amongst all the great stuff in the course, one of the most valuable things for me was watching how Puno uses inspect element and kinda “troubleshoots” CSS in her office hours – that gave me the confidence to dive in and start experimenting myself, without worrying that I don’t have a degree in computer science! — @studiohaf

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Tanasha Juarez

I’m a big online class taker and as you know it’s easy in those situations to get into a top-down conversational style but the way all of you stay relatable in tone makes it feel like chatting with friends.

As someone with zero design and website experience, the video content and instruction was soo good for converting Brine into Pedro that I was able to fully execute in a weekend. Again, HUGE for me as a beginner. I was shouting from the rooftops!

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Gawoon Chung

The Squarespace Design Course is, hands down, one of the best investments I’ve made as a freelance designer. Puno is a brilliant teacher and shows you how to organize your client process, figure out what to charge, and of course, make the most out of the Squarespace platform. I keep coming back to the Resource Library and the Slack community, which is a resource in itself. Seriously! The community is insanely helpful. You will learn so much from this course, regardless of your skill level, and leave with tons of useful design tips and tricks (maybe even new opportunities)! Don’t miss out! — @gawoonchung

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Rika Matsui

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again - Puno’s Squarespace Design Course is not like any other course. Not only will you learn the platform inside out, she also teaches you how to become a freelance designer by dropping valuable knowledge and providing the necessary tools to get you there. — @therikster

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