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Tanasha Juarez, Squarespace Design Student

I’m a big online class taker and as you know it’s easy in those situations to get into a top-down conversational style but the way all of you stay relatable in tone makes it feel like chatting with friends.

As someone with zero design and website experience, the video content and instruction was soo good for converting Brine into Pedro that I was able to fully execute in a weekend. Again, HUGE for me as a beginner. I was shouting from the rooftops!

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Melina Sweet, Squarespace Design Student

I truly believe that the ilovecreative's course is probably the best way to learn and understand the Squarespace platform. Puno brings it down to a level that doesn't feel daunting and her personality makes learning SO MUCH FUN. Seriously. Her personality is infectious and the hours I spend rewatching the lessons never get old. She is also super encouraging and open to telling us her tips and tricks at being a proactive "slashy"!

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Mindy Nguyen, Visual + Interactive Designer

This is NOT your average online course. It is so much more. First off, as a designer, I now fully understand the magic of Squarespace as a tool. I never knew how much you could create with it and I’m so glad I have it under my belt now. Second, every little detail was thought out–from the amazing 3D world to the little GIFs throughout. Third, PUNO. Not only is she the ultimate fountain of Squarespace knowledge, she’s also hilarious, engaging, and incredibly genuine. She shows true dedication to everyone’s growth…

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Sam Zauscher, Photographer & Founder of Society House

I have to send a client 2-3 different comps this week which will ironically interfere with going full speed here. Sure, I could use the site comps for level 3, but if I only have this limited window for having feedback from such a killer group I'd much rather use it on a few spec sites I'd love to design / go wild with. You just created too great of a course here! So much to learn.

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